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              HLA Attachments SixWay for sale, SB3600V Series, SB4600V Series for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, Maryland.

              Clean your sidewalks easily and effectively using the Six-Way blade from HLA Snow. Both sides of the Six-Way blade can be moved independently to form an angle blade, scoop, or V-Blade to ensure you have the right blade for every condition.

              The Six-Way comes standard with spring trip cutting edges, ensuring the cutting edge springs back when the blade strikes an obstacle reducing damage to both the blade and equipment. Each model also comes standard with individually replaceable and reversible steel cutting edges, allowing you to get twice the life before needing to replace them when required. Rubber cutting edges are available as an option allowing your Six-Way to hug the contour of your lot for an even cleaner finish.

              The Six-Way is available in two models; the SB3600V, which is ideal for compact tractors and skidsteers, while the SB4600V is ideal for small roadways and driveways.