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              Snow Blowers

              Honda Snow Blowers for sale, Single-Stage, Two-Stage for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, Maryland.

              Serious Snow? the Honda Snowblowers Can Tackle the Toughest Winter Conditions.
              As of the 2015-2016, Honda’s two-stage HSS Series snow blowers have been reimagined from the ground up. With more features, better performance, and the same outstanding quality, there’s never been a better series of two stage snow blowers. Improvements include:

              Joystick Electric Chute Control
              Easier steering and control of the hydrostatic drive
              DC electric start – no need to plug in the snow blower
              Larger blower diameter for increased snow removal speed
              Chamfered scraper improves snow clearing to the pavement
              LED headlight
              Improved Chute Deflector for better distance control
              Improved Oil Drain for easier maintenance.

              The Honda Snow Blower blows away the competition when it has to do with better performance. Its combination of the Honda GX Series commercial grade engine, optimized impeller pulley, and 90-degree impeller wing dramatically optimizes the HSS Series’ snow throwing capacity, outperforming many competitors.

              You also get superior traction, Meaning no slipping, no sliding, just great control, even on steep driveways and steps. And thanks to Honda's all-new auger height control lever, it works with our track drive to easily adjust auger housing height with just the press of a thumb. This means you get to adjust the height of the auger to easily contour to the ground's uneven surface, no matter how packed the snow is.

              On top of the easy height adjustments, our Honda snow blowers are equipped with aggressive serrated ice breaking augers. These powerful augers allow you to easily break through heavily crusted or hard packed snow left behind by your neighborhood snow plow.