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              Honda Tillers for sale, Mini-Tiller, Mid-Tine Tillers, Rear-Tine Tiller for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, Maryland.

              Honda's mini-tiller is an extremely versatile tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. Although many people think of a mini-tiller only for small garden beds, it can also handle larger areas with ease. It performs equally well in both soft and compacted soil.

              Consider them particularly for:

              Raised bed gardens
              Tilling in tight spaces
              Tilling close to existing plants
              Easy transportation and storage

              Our series of mini-tillers has a variety of attachments available, so it also provides you with the convenience of a multi-functional tool.

              Need to till a larger area? Our mid-tine tiller series is the best choice for you. The larger size allows you to work larger areas quickly and dig deeper than a mini-tiller. These tillers are heavier than a mini-tiller, but their tine configuration makes them easy to balance and maneuver.

              Have an even bigger area?

              Our rear-tine tillers are ideal for extra large gardens and breaking new ground quickly. Its heavy duty tines churn through the soil, working it thoroughly.

              The FRC800 is also a good choice for its ease of use. Unlike mid-tine and mini-tillers, this tiller is self-propelled. The FRC800 offers three forward speeds as well as one reverse, allowing you to walk with the tiller at a comfortable pace.